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national poetry month
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Much like a rock hound

to be a beer hound
is much like a rock hound
but almost too easy
to fall off the cliff
your digging
if you try swatting
all the back biting bugs
Broke my ankle once.

Like a rockhound
there's many ways of going about
but ya gotta stop and say hello
or there's no beer to flow
no rock to cut & polish
when ya get home

Falling off a cliff
is not fun flight
not only does it end abruptly
It's torture trying to walk
back to your abode
to fix it up.

The back biters,
ya swat, they come
ya swat, they come
ya swat, they come
friggin bugs
if sin is disease
then bugs are the diplomats
of the devil
repellance keeps you healthy
as well as happy

In your digging
you gotta stop and say hello
to those your friends with
or there's no rock to cut and polish
when ya get home
for all your swatting at bugs
and trying hard to think repellant thoughts.
Blessed is he who comes in the name of deet.

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