Monday, March 30, 2015

If We Were Faster Than Light

Our patience runs out like oil onto Texas landscape
It gets burned up, it gets dug
Our patience is wasted like spent nuclear fuel
It gets pooled, it gets fooled
And nothing is done with 700 years of energy independence

And our patience is like solar panels
Passively waiting, passively fueling
Like tree or leaf of pretty flower
Or succulent fruit of yonder tree
They green and then ripen and then they're gone for a year

But the sun both inspires and leads the way
With it's material light and spiritual sway
Maybe today, Maybe today
Or maybe it was yesterday said
That tomorrow's adventure laid up amongst stars that played
With dazzling faster than light I can see said star heights.

But I float, and in floating see no dazzle, see no height
I just am, like fusion, a dream faster than light
I just am, and what's more, I am the future
For I am... the past, and insightful hast the only lasting light
Except for any of those that might pass the doorways of eternity

But that's irrational, they don't exist, "but, I only thought them exist!"
But they're real... and everything is indeed connected, both future and past
And all those that's that you'd ascribe to happenstance as exact as you'd recall
If you'd dreamed at all the view of what you do and hope and dreamed for your all.

We are an ecology that likes adventure
Not a bug happy to crawl one inch in reverie
But we might be allotted the same fate, except we communicate
And we hope and indeed dream farther goals than supper for ourselves
A dreaming supported by those that do and want and dream of nothing else.

As I, crawl and dream for others
I'd share with you
We need a breakthrough, we need fusion power you.
And you, and you, and you.  How can I help?
Shall I write my congressman? I can do!
Shall I write the president?  I can do!
Shall I make homebrew for the celebration?  Anytime!

Oh, shall I pray for peace on Earth and one electron powered fuel.
It is closer than you think!
We are closer than I think!
Hooray, I let myself knew!
Now you!  Online as fast as you do!

For we've been out of answers and solutions for quite sometime.
As Americans!?  Booooooooo

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