Friday, March 27, 2015

I'm Having a Smile

They, them, Mr. You Know Who
Ms. Revise anything she wishes,
Dr. That Locks
And child that surmises...
Tell me, I have low self-control.
Low or High would mean I have some.
Fact is I don't feel like doing anything.

Don't wanna move, don't wanna sleep
Don't wanna purchase that shiny thing.
Don't wanna help, don't wanna hurt
Don't wanna guard someone's purse.

I think I may borrow your volition for a day.
Though the world makes me sick when I participate.
And what for, to have another cow?
What might I ask did you do with the last one?
All you acting like it didn't pass done.

No, it isn't perfect, there is no perfect.
So, I don't need to do it again.
Your expectations are yours, so live your own life.
Follow your own intuition.

There is no perfect.
Not even a norm
There's that shit they harass you with
And the crap made storm
Write your own future
Surmise your own day
And get plenty of rest
So the spirit may play

Fear not the dead
They haven't a body
And leave my cow dread
It isn't friend snoddy.

But the magic has returned
The signs have come back
Though the post got removed
We're shining through lack

So good news to all, I ain't having a cow.
And if you happen to read this
Well, try subscribing, But maybe you have no control.

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