Monday, March 30, 2015

Light of Life is the Spiritual Side to Believe Within

If one sees past the black mirror
And into pasts shurled with sheep
With futures flung about but crowding.
Might we look to stars emplaced?

For star light is the height of civilization in a way
Beside power, beside money, beside respect... all nice
But should I really be complemented on how I wipe my nose?
I could really put up with those and more in surplus
But suppose I could get by with less with my own friends

For we are the light that shines in heavens sky above lit up
Materially feeding the world, metaphorically feeding us as butterfly
We light upon the flower of power with our woman who knows
That we aren't much longer for this world, if something doesn't give
If we continue eating this fear, and strife, and lives fallowly led down death's corridor

I want to live, and having everything I could possibly want, am left alone
Out and down... ignored, isolated, and mitigated by shores of eternity
With a few words pounded by the sheer vastness of spiritual worlds surrounding.
I have my poetry, true, and like my body, lead/leave me to new worlds abounding
Upon shore's of galaxy's abounding by the touch of button
     like I merely dreamed of happening
When downloading from Omni bbs back in the days of slower
    than cats' yawn network halls that crawled
And did not fly, though they sing, and still do in country woods
     if truth be told to you.

And with these few words,
     I can imagine a world few have seen beyond Star Trek television scenery
With these few words are all the connections,
      minus all the connections for there's only one said
And next to infinity, another infinity will always rest
And another infinity unseen till there's enough unknown
      to put to bed that we just don't know
As though... we didn't see.  But we did, you and I, we saw the light
      from yesterday
We view the looking glass from behind minds beyond
      black mirror and cloudy light.

For we dream, and in dreaming forge futures for fusion reconciliation
A peace with water, a peace with food, a PEACE with work and love.
And if we could truly live anywhere, we would,
If we could truly do anything, we'd try,
If we could get along without fighting, we'd get by.
For the quintessential thing we compete for, is time.

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