Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Theoretically, we could take grams of salt
And chunk it through Einsteins equation
Or even all your poo, which highly radioactive,
Needs to be vented from all it's power!

But something nice like your broken television
That's a big poo which most families produce
And instead of burying that like dog or cat
We could power up the 3-d printer to generate
Another television, or another roll of tickets to win.

For Everything is Energy, fluid flowing through universe
Some is left to sleep as bulk and some rarefied but as sleeping
While others flock or hawk their way through to their destiny
Otherwise why would shit decay?  You must ask yourself.
The dreamer sleeps and in doing so creates the world
For us to wash our hands with and liken to God

Or to help a friend, or to write with pen
Or to help lighten up, or to water crops
Or to take boat out on water and get some exercise.

California could use your salt, California needs Water
Seems ridiculous, doesn't it what with the ocean...
But the dreamer sleeps!  Wake Him/Her UP!!!

There is war at our door
There is murder in our streets
They're taking the governor to the gallows,
While children cry in their sleep from hunger.
And hunger will only spread out to reach us all.
It happened in Syria.

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