Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Crickets Teacup

Reality in the Universe
All time all movies
We wouldn't know
When Mom died she checked into a hotel
A recovery retreat from/for abuse

And I, I wept that she departed
As I was wont to do anytime she left without hugs
And Dad was sad with me.  And she?

She chose to never return except in spirit
She's somewhere out there... living her life
Dead to me, perhaps.  But only cause it's easier to believe
Than I was part of her pain or part of the problem
Or that everyone I knew through her was also, too.

It pains.  It gladdens.
It's a joy to know she's doing something she needs to do.
But I'm not thankful I can no longer call her companion or friend.

And Reality?
It is only a single language
a, "wie bist du?" or "como ste?"
with single-band voice-box or ear
implying single-brain to process or hear
But when the angeLS sing?  Anything, can make sense
Be thankful you have a second brain, but set it aside once in awhile.
Let one's spirit rise, take hold, and surprise for a spell
For that's your soul.

We only live our life once, I'm told
Learn meditation and put on hold
Those thoughts of messy desk or cluttered crap
And laugh in doing so, cause all that
proves you a robot, reactionary and myopic
As in fact, your lasting master loves you If you do, too
Help find time for yourself to live, rather than consume.

Finding the handle in that teacup will keep cool hands
For it isn't an indifferent world, perhaps lonely or confused
But time is there for you, even paupers have more than they know.
And so if you use, know that you bring peace to you and others
As we're all connected in ways both serene or good
With divinity in you but also God.
And that which surrounds you is in all our lives, too!

And if we all prove departed to some convention
If all of this is some elaborate Jacob's Ladder,
at Least we'll have given thanks for some parts
At least we'll have lived, And have been loved.
Perhaps laughed and learned something about it all.
And therein lies the Light.

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