Sunday, April 26, 2015

Of Ants and Asses --- Poetry Super Highway April 26th, 2015 --- Poetry Challange -- Erin Elizabeth Smith

Truman Schwartz is an advisor for bucks, doe, and chickens
In school, the bluer you were, meant the more you studied.
But like Sith and Senators saying today, "Let them suffer,"
He enrolled more than he could handle in organic chemistry
So that some would Presumably flunk and toss away money
On something rigged to take it without value in exchange
For at least more than a few bucks and does facing the guns.

I'm so cerulean now that that is now over the rainbow
The rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way.
And when Lennon and McCartney make their art, my life lifts higher.

To skies without a chemical romance
To lives with everything.
I suppose we'll know life abounds Greater
than surmised by taste, or entertainment
while searching for phone card for dying mother.
But those, too, are the taxes of humanity
And true source for our humility.

May Sith and Senators suffer
Let them pay our taxes of humanity for us...
They're advising folly in building empire and oligarchy
One man, testing everyone, after overselling their idea
While setting courses of action to fail as many as possible
With laws of parenthood as their strong arms, through and through.
While WE pay their taxes, or healthcare, or retirement, or bodyguard.

It seems silly and stupid they're so myopic
When even the police know they're supposed to serve and protect.
US, while we're the ones paying the taxes.

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