Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Place to Paint

Places! in this geography of time
Like news races! in place of mind
I languish thinking of places!
In both space and time
And think of cases! to paint the rhyme

But a place to paint!
And rebutt there's no place of mine...
But there's places!
People spend their life...

Perhaps that's the stasis!
I need to keep in line... with my paint!brush
With an open eye...


With all the fluid of yesterday
Flowing in the holes of paper, fine....
And all the morrows of yesterday lying
In paintbrush, or paint, or page of mine...

It seems such a small thing, then why?
Why agonize finding the prize
When worlds surmount expectation with or without
Frames of surmise or justified heights

Perhaps to surprise!
But also, to fly! with an artistry of mind...

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