Tuesday, June 2, 2015

If Free Birdies Perched on my Radio

Life was fine the last three
Can't seem to pray more apology
Than thanks to God in heaven for the rain,
Or fine cats, or silent television, or tricky coyotes,
Or sunshine in painting, or ugly goldfish, or clean floor
Or bright birdsong, or saving bucks, or running truck
The world is so green today while yesterday there was a faint rainbow
Just for me, and one before... in public vale of mountain and stream.

There was no me in you I found out, but similarity in tongue and coat.
There was no answer in who I learned, but the capricious found.
And there's thanks be to God for that, too, I suppose,
Where Turns go or don't, they erode the bank
For a river runs through Seldons psychopharmacology,
And all one is left for company when mythory is dispelled.
Even thanks might remain empty, and so I would not give Haldol to the dying
Because within the poppies one would at least need sunshine to make them grow.

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