Thursday, June 11, 2015

Why Should I be the Bum to Tell You

Pop, don't think a lot!
It makes you dangerous, they say.

Dangerousss, to be educated this day
DANGer ossified
dangerUS the accomplished life
The one entrenched in warfare

But is it war to drive a car?
Is it fighting to stoke the stove?
Last I checked it was getting by...
For the fight is with time, I'm told,
With each us indebted billion-fold.

Once when our heart beat faster from our first kiss
Once when our heart soared from father's pride
Once we found our home in our favorite stick
And once for every pulse shared in any hug

Once when muscle pulled ball to outfield
Once when feet made class on time
Once when teacher smiled with pride
And once, when friends clapped... aside.

Once when deer, dead, had died
Once when beer, bred, had sighed
Once when prose had lied
And once, when fiction had excited.

And in the telling your lives are told, too.
Throw you son down a well, or do your job, cold tale.
Burn that synapse, let it languish and die
Let the light find it's own height.
Which isn't True!
We heart, and laugh, and live beyond four square walls
If the internet is no small testament to that.

Live effin' life, laugh, sing...
Even dance if you have to, because life is poor without wings.
And poorer still without any of these things.

And in stirrings of stillness, the world without does too.
Does live, does laugh, does sing, does dance, does wing
So bums may be happier than you, but with no one to rescue,
While they listen to the mutterings of judgemental people.

But they aren't judges, and neither are you
And just as indebted for the gift of time.
So why not get your money out of politics!
'Tis madness, people are so mad
To think time won't reclaim its losses.

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