Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Fox Inside

I didn't ask to be this flawed yet perfect person
I tried to love myself by exploring
I met many strange and wonderful people
And I dream a dream strange and wonderful when I love myself
The rest of the time is vacuuming dirt, is staring at clouds
Different smells and visages sneak up, and other times assault
Differences in normal things revolutionize my mind, but that's not trip
The weird is still weird, the mundane.. mundane, as I hunt for an escape...

And I am not alone

The social, the physical do have basic rewards
The spiritual, the emotional do have real affects
The mental does move things, material... when multiplexural worlds meet!
And in giving many things is resiliency,
                                one path out from what's keeping us down

The turtle has but one or two to survive through adversity...
                withdraw and/or hide
Beyond that horizon are foxes whom ply many resiliencies to survive...
                the two foxes inside and without
                        Their woolvy paws can walk fast or slow,
                        far drawing-near,
                        to find food and/or more people like themselves
                Their noses keep them fed as their mouths detect surroundings
                        for what's to be found, what's to be called.
                Their fur too is their home they find defense in like turtle
                They too can be shy and hide quieter than sitting fiver
                Foxes have two eyes that shine, two ears residing lively finely tuned
                Mates and Friends and Bosses, and likely lovers, too
                They're mean, they're friendly, they like to pant a lot in hot sun
                (another resiliency to keep cool)
                         for they too find ways to deal with life when they don't like
And Beyond that _Supers_ walk and do more with formal resiliency through fact-checked strategy
                Their strange takes time to be weird
                Their wonderful.. works like magic.
                They too find things to do when down and frowning,
                And they do get down.  More than you know...

     Many turtles lead perfectly good, long lives.
     Some foxes lead groups of peace, compassion, and understanding.
     A Few Supers make worlds better for everyone.
All made possible by resiliency and the out-it-provides to survive

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