Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I saw five chickadees and red-headed woodpecker
In deep winter amongst rays of sunlight, today.
We might not be solar powered, you and me
But I tell, a day without light is a dreary day
Full of gloom, doom, despair.  Like someone shot the dog,
Though that sounds like a good idea anyway, both of them.

The Mr. has gone back to sucking his teeth.
He's still hard of hearing, and plays word games with forked tongue
Saying abusive when he means angry
Saying spy when she means sucker
Saying browbeating when I swear
It's hard living in this perfect family...
    mainly because it isn't real.

We spend most of our time playing videogames
   or games with each other's feeling
Over lice nobody has because we're so worried about appearances as gentlemen.
We have better things to do than nit-pick and worry each-other,
But without fail, we are hardest on our family.
And yes, even our in-laws get in on the action.
Seems... there's a word for it... I can't think of it right now.
With the 'less thans' getting the brunt of it, and 'majors' needing therapy.

One-on-one therapy works, CBT and other patient therapist relationships
I learned with my therapist...
       that I need therapy to better cope with those that need therapists.
Isn't it all so clear as mud?

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