Monday, January 11, 2016

enroll now in "Cinderollo's Passive-Agressive School of CLEANING!!! --wanted one butler and one maid and one maintenance guy and one day-laborer to split 400 dollars a month Plus Tips !!free Coffee!! Arbeiten macht Frei

Can't walk hardly, always in pain
spends all day dreaming, television and laptop screen
dreaming and games she plays
But the worst of it, she thinks is she can't do a thing.

Can't vacuum the carpet, can't wash dishes
Can't clean bathrooms or take garbage to recycling places
Can't change table clothes, can't wire cables
Can't fix door knobs, can't fix ceiling fans
Can't defend republicans
Can't fix a fire, can't turn the house down
Can't pick up cat litter, can't keep house
Can't participate in family exercising
But she thinks I like being dominated
And uses her tongue to keep it fake
While I do all these things for heaven's sake

Whether through reason or domination
She's talked herself into this...
            it's not true
       just that she can do little things
     with the 12-year-old strength she ruled
 by reason and authority all her occupational life
   (and I'm her 12-year-old adopted student)

Except I already learned lots about life.
For one, I don't care for BDS&M.
And most of kindegarten skills is all I need to get by forsooth.
They can hire a maid and butler and be snobs they like, in leaving their work behind.
Work they think justifies mine in double-standard perfection of hypocrisy.

and so with her 12-year old strength she'll look for new student to abuse
rather than making someone wonderful, she'll suck the fun out of work, too.
unless she learns to change her own narrative of this shitty...
                                       "I can't" she keeps under lock and key
to alas, use her 12-year old strength for smaller victories.
And this is the most grown-up thing I have to say about her attitude.

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