Sunday, January 3, 2016

Humanity Wins Over Understanding

The construction was a derivative
A break-down of elements
Computationally arrived at, as in this case,
Without art...

Maybe though, that is precisely what art is...
Computation by brains in humane beings called homosapiens
As ball is caught by footballer
Or pitch hit by batter.

It is said frameworks are made by Artitechs, there's a neologism for you.
And these Artitechs draw, don't they, making stuff
And making stuff real!?

And when made, the room with a view, isn't any bridge...
So perhaps Architect is a misnomer,
Subjugating me to years of misplaced pains,
Un-needed and unwanted tyranny.
Or perhaps IT was once a new word considered neologism.

Architect is a poetic word
Bringing a sort of romance to liberation, though,
Sheltering us from the many stressors that is life.
Keeps the rain off me, I know, though feeling put upon
Describing to one such as you, the meaning of art

And there is art to such things as titles...
I could name this summation of vexation
I could name this 'It is inevitable'
I could even name it,
    "What could you possible care about a neologism"

But the truth remains, you read it, and you wanted it
to be titled, "If I truly judged you correctly"

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