Saturday, May 30, 2015

Beyond the Box is Black Lava

My room is private,
May that mean Holy.
In comes person says let me do that
But I say, "but comeon, I can do that"
I'm American, we like that
Cleaning up after ourselves if we can
Unless they're vampires and demons we've killed
Sometimes that's too messy and too cruel to deal with.

Patriot Act pt. II transpired/expired today
Most provisions really haven't changed much.
Supposedly the Post is stopping photographing our letters
I wonder what all the snapshots look like in collage.
I wonder what all the texts look like printed on them
and mailed to wives, or business partners.
I always try so hard to print concise on them everytime.

My step-girlfriend is a spy and international Santorini vacationer
Where Atlantis sunk.
I think we're sunk.
In the 40's everyone thought we were sunk.
But it took 20 years for civil rights to unsink everything waterlogged
From the kool-aid they were drinking in Montana missle silos.

Was/is that to be my destiny... to hide in a hole forever dating women
That declare war on my balloon animals.
But at least MY kool-aid has some kick.
Because in plain water there is bacteria.
How do I know?  It's Science!

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