Thursday, August 13, 2015

It's 9:30 and a Breeze is Blowing Through

I was twitterpated yesterday Morn,
Disassociated and dis-at-ease
When inspiration gripped and throttled me
Over and over until I was destroyed In waking dream
Like some unriddled message unwrapped from an unboxed lock and unlocked, finally free
It was me with their pills and their paint, their paint and their pills.
Needless to say, quite a shock, and so I had a drink,
Toasting A.L.L-  ALL Life Loves

A stoney dance in the rain continues
Over stoney Earth below stoney bombs
With their pills and their paint, their paint and their pills
Hybridizing mutants to come through with their Ubermaus
Seems progressive, and it is... to breed compassion and understanding
And experiments continue, what is wrong with you Breakout the computers,
decipher the code, prospect your future
Now if time would just hurry along... only shortened his life within 99% confidence
Replace lithium, replace the flouride
With their pills and their paint, their paint and their pills

It's 9:30, and paradise has been paved with a parking lot
I wonder and wander to the gasoline and cigarettes, growing bitters
They aren't doing well, the mead is much sweeter, and better mulled
It will be better tomorrow when it ages more and mellows, too.
And tomorrow will see no life eternal, merely time without space
Living in the hearts and minds of rememberance;
And so I give a hug to empty air or tear to dust
Knowing that Jupiter's rising is but a complicated game.
Knowing that Civilization is four-square-star-fire
Knowing that is what killed me having lifted their paint and pills
From the hand of those playing games, mocking God with their money, power, or respect.

If quantification all comes down to nothing... we've found rest in Satire;
Dying faster and faster till holes are rent and unmendable.
And then Who will you civilize, then.

It's 9:30, and grave business of living keeps nature dying in Nature Preserve
Fenced off beyond the pale while the D triple prime fences us in;
And our fire shrinks to passivity

Speaking of passive fire...
I knew traveling the galaxy is expensive
But for crying out loud Cadarache, you're too fat to fit on-top the LFTer!
Let's hear from Skunkworks, if it's not all glam.

It's 9:30 and I got drunk yesterday,
Seems a shame not to with all the people dying to live,
And all our dead probably wishing they could cat one right now.
Don't think of pineapples!
Don't think of pineapples!

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