Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Worlds of Earth Roll Like Stone while the friction of fission keeping them alive with criticism of indepenence keeping independent hopes their own.

Pappa was a rolling stone
Mamma like an atmosphere
And kid and I were like the stars
Before we journeyed into core
Where the hairs are split endlessly for eons or ages
slapping our feet with every progressive step

I live between papa fission and mama fusion
As fungus.
I am that which grows beneath your feet
As symbiote.
I help worlds whom crystallized grow freedom
As liberty.
I work universe mirrored
As I help, you see

The Masons have travelled space and time
They know life exists beyond our gravity's well.
But distances are far, and we're so very little,
That like dust carried on wind... we too are pelagicly slow
Only traveling where we like or liking what we know.

Was there a question, I review
Their penultimate isn't my quintessential
For I live in the fire
And I live in the air, earth, etc....
Having drunk the rain in communion with fission and fusion

If there was query it's answered by this advice,
Don't try to sell bottled water, even when it's cool.
Or I might just trip on down to creek, and start bottling that
For your blueline fantastic.

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