Sunday, August 9, 2015

Starships and Starfish

Scientists say we came from fish.
They made this computer
They made my car run
So, THEY must be pretty smart fish.

And if Real fish reside in ocean basin
While fish like us live in gravity's hold
Swimming in air, there must be up there
Fish that swim between stars untold

Outerspace beings that live in spaceships
Mining chunks and eating dust of nebula
That drifts free for the taking.
Plundering like us on gravity's ocean
Except within thin limits, top skimming...
Worlds' meniscus of gravity's holding.

Happily driving starships across all of it.
With fusion power like any common star
Scooping up dust, fusing, making grid iron gold habitats
Out between stars apart from climatic disturbance
of earthquake, blaze, hurricane, or rain.

Starfish peer at us with powers of the mind
saying, "he's too deep," meaning our gravity.
They may build submersible one day.
We -black smokers ecologies of oceans deep
Us, the whole human race, whom burn fossil fuel
Whom smoke our cigarettes and gasoline
Like some black vent in deep ocean somewhere.

Promethean thinking -fire- hallmark of tomorrow
Thinking... we do some, but without fusion are lost
Never to crawl the land erect but for blink of eye in geologic time
While remembrance of promise and possibility will burn forever.

Should we fail to find or create rudiments of understanding and compassion
We'll burn in hell with our fission bombs and fission planet
Continuing to live like said fish at ocean vent eternally pelagic,
Lost from the light of poetry.

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