Saturday, June 11, 2016

Elementals In Mind's Eye

Many days adds up to many nights
With the ethereal... really unreal, winding time's clock

To spin tales of creation's veil
Through mid-night dreams and fantasy

The beings meet in-between
From air they slide, and air return
Masters of telepathy, jacks of insight
The aether carries them through to side-real and side-time

They play jokes and come from a planet far
Infatuated and insinuated within our lives, our star
Telling us who they are... "like the best,"
"Grafters" looking for a score

It's not megalomania if one knows they're posing
And so the story goes... and so the story goes...
A fury with a legion in the darkest night,
An elemental with a pick, caught by insight.
Pasts of misuse and broken hearts
A present of sunshine and pleasing stars.
My army leaves without me.

As they just chase a shiny thing of heaven
Left at the end of a tunnel
"Peace on Earth" was all it said,
And left laying after it was found.

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