Friday, June 3, 2016

Grappled Pines

The grass is tall this beginning of June
The coffee maker/grinder needs repaired
Purportedly in Phoenix it is roasting
No rain fell here yesterday
The roses have started to bloom this second of June

I can hear the forklift down on the Dam,
And with silence, the spring waters spilling.
Some of the trees' new growth is frosted
And our Dandelions grow unattended.
Birds everywhere sing in chorus to crickets.

Moose were here last night pulling up grass
From the thick hedge I haven't cut yet,
Leaving wet footprints like a peeping Tom at our windows,
But fleeing like a stork-legged elephant.
Deer continue to haunt the woods and forest.

Everything is busier than I remember,
First Daisy ever is growing in our yard.

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