Friday, June 3, 2016

Towards Wit's End

Da Gumballs and the Cow I bored
Is a hard joke to plow into.
The potatoes resultant are much fancier
Than the dirt and drear of worlds arear.

The world worships fruit and manure, though,
So I work to supply as much as I can possibly

While I live in the "why" between forks...
While I live in the "and" of all Ands...

perpetually tormented and torn
perpetually edified and educated

While home finds me neglected
And in turn neglect art in recompense.

What measure am I to find in gold and silver?
but a measure of fruit and/or manure?

Ahhh, but to be kind above all and love yourself,
There is the trick and the anthem.

So, I gave a gumball to a cow I met once, to be kind
My friend has a farm over in Minnesota...
And he was sharing it with all his friends
They were all in that field that day, chewing and chewing...
And I'll be damned but if I didn't go back that Fall,
And they were all still chewing that same damned gumball!
And I just totally lost it, saying to my friend,
"I think I saw something like this in Montana happen once..."

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