Saturday, June 25, 2016

Moon's Haloed Sky

The birds sing differently in a city
Three syllables instead of two on Robin's tongue
A brashing grate to a chickadee's call
And the ravens scout not for food, but garbage...

In lanes of space colonies with space-ships
Parked in garages two at a time
And lantern's lit against the eternal darkness
That is perhaps the dark-side, of mankind...

Seas of woe, oceans of sorrow
And the stars seed light to hold back their tide
New life brings smiles and sojourn to God's eye
Worlds keep company across distant space...

We trace back to fish, but also back to one race
With one life, and one love, to keep our pace
And soon we'll all sit on mountain top with God
All having taken different paths up the side...

To find a vale where water runs
Stars at night and smiling sun
My soul goes there to greet some grace
Where do you dream some day of peace?

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