Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Moment Of Your Life

I live in the now
An instant,
a small pinch or dash

I want a jigger of rememberance
A quart of memory
A pail of fond recalls

What I remember is like a picture
It's five by five under brief light
And so small, so very small on the walls
Of my magnificent house

Perhaps all I need to remember is to remember
Like when child in bed and before nighty-night,
Replay the day, and yesterday's fun and friends playing.

Perhaps all I need to memorize is memory
Like when adult I made a photo album,
Flipping through scenery, and short vignettes of people.

Perhaps all I need to fondly recall is to fondly recall
Like when stone I spoke about passed loved ones,
Kindling love, and quietly wishing it wasn't so bad.

And perhaps simply said as they say to help and move on,
The rest will take care of itself,
Easy and silent, and unpushed history of my sojourn on Earth.

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