Sunday, August 14, 2016

Rising of the Eternal Triumphanium

The American Made manifestation of dreaming as one pleases
The car with it's advent of freedom
The television with advertising of being
The wifi of life cellular or handshook...

It's took, It's us, It's freedom, It's luck...
To poor and rich alike whom wants a look.
     But we're all beggars in the lands of America
Come here poor to make our means
      Come here to make durable our peace and ingenuity
In Ingenuity our Industry takes root

In Industry our lives take root
In Lives, Unions help family take root
While giving back, and giving back, and giving back to community
    There is no end to that... while mouths are fed
And feet clad, and smiles fixed

Men and Women greet our day
And when we play, we can say we helped
Because we bought Union Made...
In this here time and space, today.

We bought America.. made by, You!

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