Saturday, August 6, 2016

My Day Last January

The tour dragged on
I flipped off every overlay
And just kept the weather displayed

Wow, now I could see the depth to the Corinthian capitals
And look at Venus de Milo in white
This must have been what my grandpa saw
When he came to Rome

40 percent chance of rain, A-gain
I'll plot a course for quality cappuccinos
OOooo, happy cappuccino hour!! ten-percent off biscotti!
Only 10 minutes of walking

I broke off from the passel and passed by the 3rd
fourth, and fifth centuries and followed the focus four feet in front of me
Birds eye PiP had me towards the corner left
And I was ordering the skinny with cinnamon
Paying while walking in with debitcreditcents

Sipping at the counter, Lady Godiva walked in...
Hooking up bluetooth, she was playing her latest singles mix,
House trance dance, a couple waved their pinkies in the air
And smiled, and smiled, and smiled

I paid in cash to sit at a table
Though I was only taking one spot
The clerk didn't give dirty looks.

Hmm, there was a spot here
I activated my wifi-power pack
And a hologram jetted up out of the table
Powering the download from the RFID mod
Someone had stuck underneath with gum and ribbon
Princess Leia crouched and said, "You are our only Hope," in rainbow
Cool, street art, gotta love how it shimmered and shined.

The wifi... had a reach, so other tables had Darth Sith Lords
And that goof from the first movie gyrating on a balance ball
I sipped my coffee and turned off the overlays and wifi-power
Enjoying the Godiva soundtracks she was still broadcasting
The dude in line with the leather started dancing, n2sync.

Several people were staring at a blank wall
I guess they were watching Casablanca
As that's what the sign said below next to the price.
Frankly, I didn't give a damn,
This coffee was just too good with a little sugar.

An overt requested permission as a drone dropped from the ceiling
I wondered, what the hell, but then saw the port and the drop pickup
I accepted and it was all adspeak by AdWac saying I could save up to 50 percent
Blah blah blah.  If I had any money, I could give it to you! with coupon code 31259PU!!!
"Thanks to you, our loyal customer," and flew off with 5 cappuccinos.

I flipped and entered star mode, and everyone with a belt became a tightly packed constellation
Light became black and everything was solarized picture opposite without body awareness.
That dude dancing was a swarm of points of light
And the barista was a floating maze of lights behind the bar and floating crown
While the algorithm whined processors to remove visible space into a field of black.
I had to plug into the power pack, but it let me check my chat and mail.
3 blind dates from BlindMouse dating service
A note from Mom's crypt, I opened that, it was a memory from my baby book she took.
And there was a message from Dad saying he fed the cats and was hoping I had fun today.

The tears shorted my near field, so I blotted with the corner of the tablecloth
Which tore my retina so I left
I had to pull out my diary from my backpack and summon a browser
Which led me to the highest rated ophthalmologist downtown.
By the time I walked there, I had my appointment so I checked in
And the CSR led me to the salesperson who would look at me.
My one good eye browsed their blank walls looking for options
But that had been on the fritz for like ever, eeking by on my right eye.

"Are there any trade restrictions on your eyeballs?" I asked.
"Only for the military models," she replied.  "Are you looking for business?"
I replied, "I'm looking to replace these media models"
"Do you have a better graphics processor?"
She hemmed and hawwed and then pointed up high.
"I can't see," I said.  "Well, how much are looking to spend?" she asked.
"Anything new," I replied, and she brought out a box at the low table
That had the latest from Intergalactics and Sabotage.
"These are our best sellers for peeps like you."

I looked at their processors and virtual-ram then popped my eyes out with a pen.
Groping around I seated them in my head and they linked up.
"Do they have any swiss works to them," I asked, trying to zoom in the small room.
"Sometimes, I paint," I said.  She replied, "well the legal limit is 100 power,"
"But these go up to 75 with a camera, and with a license will go up to 200 with no modification."
I liked them, and they were blue, so I paid the creditdebitcents and walked out wearing them.
With my old eyeballs in a box.

I tried star-mode walking along and they didn't even get hot like my old pair.
And hippin' to the scotch ducked into a bar on the next block.
A locals bar, everyone was speaking Italian.
I turned on wifi-power and the room lit up with graffiti on all the tables and walls.
Some of it animated dragons, there was the Pope waving and smiling
And the bartender had a hovering sword where ever he walked that swung at empty air.

There was about five or six people, one bought me a beer for the wifi
And I told him gratzia which means I'm grateful.
There were a couple of sports feeds so I turned on the soccer game
And Bam I was three feet above and behind the ball soaring into a net!!!
On a sea of green going going going IN!
Venice football team just scored against Lucca, again.
I about fell off my barstool as the crowd cheered and announcers prattled.

I tipped the bartender, and switched to music, when again Lady Godiva
WALKED IN through the door!
Turns out she had sponsored people to dress up like her.
I turned on bluetooth and listened some more.
She was dropping it hot this time and servers running sidelined
With her old albums discounted heavily for creditdebitcents.
I paid the crexents and got three of her albums.
After they downloaded, she tipped her crown at me and smiled.
Then Lord Charon walked in and she got up and left and I lost her signal.

I listened to his bluetooth for awhile, but then switched back to the Godiva albums.
It was too moony and ambiantic with singing sphere stuff and mood tones.
But I picked up his new album for my sister cause it was cheap and she likes it.
The bartender pointed at him, then at the sign that said, "No Sollecitazione"
Whom threw up his hands and shook his head, sitting down, till my download finished.
He smoked, and I bought him a beer.  He handed me a flyer when the bartender turned away.

It was on Caturday, said my overlay when I scanned in the universal bar grid.
Women couples got in free, and domestic ganja 30 percent off.
But the beer was a dollar, so I planned on going and downloaded directions into my vision maps.
Having finished my drink, I got up and strolled towards columns to see them, over by the forum.

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