Thursday, September 29, 2016

Old Mother Hubbard Lived in a Shoe

Is it narcissistic to think and understand
About life, about you, about what you do
I looked down and saw myself in a shoe
Being used by other people to stay warm and comfortable
Caring very little for me, perhaps, as they walked on me
A slave to their enablement, complicit in their desire
And totally diseased because of all it...

But that's the conceit, probably the truth more lies
I am more using myself... for this
As often I am neglected by others and left in the box
Society has labeled me with,
                  and verily ignored routinely
For I am my own best company these days.

Others would probably prefer a maid or a butler
Someone to cook for them and later get in bed
Someone whom knew interesting facts about the French
And impeccably dressed themselves, perhaps in black.
And lace, and lace, and laces holding their breasts together
Up the front and back, and knee high boots wrapping...

I'm told I'm simple and slow, that's the narrative told
Fact is I usually just don't care, or care to interfere
OR perhaps actually enjoy the peculiarity a little more than most
And so haven't the skills or impetus to manipulate other people...
Because that would mean, manipulating their emotions, the way to psychopathy

Ever read, "How to Win Friends and Influence People," my dear?
Dale Carnegie wrote that and was given to me twice,
Along with Dick Clarks guide to grooming.  Yaa, pathology! NOO
They have to use words like ADD, OCD, SCHx, Depressed for those under the rug.
Those, us... that see life as somewhat broken and are disillusioned
Perhaps By all the self-serving crap surrounding us day-in-and-out.
Or Maybe we just have purple bones that won't go like yours colored pink or blue.
Or maybe mine are green and gold, or chromed admantium, you get the know.

No, I'm not really simple or slow.  But I may like simple and I like it slow
I like spreading on a hammock with a cat on my lap
I like drifting in a boat with rod and reel.
I like reading at my own speed.
I like painting things no one needs.
I'm thankful for this blog that I don't have to feed.
I like spending my time on unforced people, places, and things
For often the whole wide world is bigger than me, bigger than my vote
And bigger than the scheeming of multiple people or even jokes
That cover up tears real people are shedding.

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