Monday, September 26, 2016

In the Lovelands Star Cluster

There is a moving
that stirs faint no very soft
A dream, a hope designed
And designated then defined and drawn
Drawing from wellspring, the dream is live-birthed
To scream and wail in discontent
But suckled back into safety of dream
After norocord is severed from the birthing.
And held, and cleaned, and loved, and held some more...

An ineffably small model of me, perhaps
Or one monster come to swallow all.
For from the drawing comes double-breasted delight
In coloring in the details for which to swoon
Everytime suckled upon that nipple harderned at tender grasp
And twisted in folding need to at long last rest one's task
For food folks and fun, perhaps or... gold gods and guns...
While we live, learn, love, and laugh on Plan A T_erra Firma in the Lovelands Zoo.

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