Saturday, September 17, 2016

The End

The seven signs were unmiraculous
Oil platforms flooded the ocean
A hurricane in NYC flooded the subway
Viruses ran through our blood from mosquitoes
A sinkhole in Florida polluted an aquifer
Fracking reactivated Oklahoma's fault lines
Lead pipes were used for drinking water
Oh, And the polar ice caps melted in 10 years

We survived that!!

What nearly killed us though was
The World War Three-  Disease
People either got too much or not enough vaccinations
We ran out of effective antibiotics
Businesses jacked up the prices of medicine
And paranoia over GMO's kicked the can over
While waitresses went broke if they stayed home from colds.

So here was everybody running around with runny noses
Unable to pay for any prescription medicines for chronic conditions
And scared all the time whether or not they were slowly being poisoned
When the germs sickened...

Nobody knows what caused World War III, because it wasn't the bombs,
But we do know there was more than one and more than one type.
The women noticed first, 1 in 6 started getting lumps in their breast,
Then men's prostrates were the next to go.
There were rumors it was just the aluminum in everything causing cancer
But it spread, silently killing millions, some killing themselves by fasting.

We started sanitizing food with 254nm UV lights to break down pesticides and germs
We washed our hands a thousand times and washed the doorknobs, too.
At first it wasn't contagious, but that's when it was a cancer.
The day World War III started was the same day a news article appeared in my paper
"Is It The End Of Anti-Biotics?" the headline proclaimed!

It took the whole world in the end, 7.6 billion people, now 4 billion
4 billion hungry people ended up 2 billion starving
And of those that somehow managed not to get sick
Continued fighting, stealing, and cheating
Consequently, the diseases spread faster, and people starved even more.
And starving people get sick easily without proper nutrition.

Finally, without international trade happening, the diseases stopped spreading
The bees came back and started pollinating again,
The birds sang sad soliloquies amongst the decay and rubble,
But the Empires every nation built were toppled, and again humankind had to act nice
And once again respect others, And be kind,

Again the world went on, after that... at the speed of life.
With what small victory gardens remained and children that survived childbirth.

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