Tuesday, June 17, 2014


How can it be over so soon?
The ending has begun?
or is it,
the engine has bedun?
My life has never been my own, I know
but never before has it been so much so.
I feel the pain of mistakes
as I feel the joy taken away.

I wallow, that just now that I can see
my sight might be taken from me
And pining,
I gasp, pine air.
Bespeckled with stardust
I wonder what fairy land
would harbor souls next
if this world were to go tits up.

Would it be the Policeman crying
or a Man in a high castle?
Have the facists won, already
and we're only now being informed by the oracle?

Perhaps young Atreu will save our lands
Or Frodo will yet throw the ring into fire.
For trouble certainly lies ahead
in the complications of big business
and deregulation become widespread.

Is there no more Mount Olympus
from which Justice strikes with sword and might
Have all the judges become blind
by their spouses political insight.

I know not the hero in my heart
but for the heart in my hero.
And hope they all win
higher than the sunset;
and in hoping, create.

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