Thursday, June 26, 2014

Let the Dream Be Me

I'm holding
a little lab rat,
In his heart is courage
pumped to the strong grip
of his body on hand.
He feels, he bleeds,
but we have no regret
testing medications

What's his body weight?
How stressed out is he?
Does he intend to harm himself,
or others?

Matters not, he's not awake
or had a cup of coffee
We need our data.
"Beverly, he's not a pet!
He's a mountain lion!"
"What!? This lab rat.
Cool, it cool man!"

We're being scanned again

by the black helicopters

Who's watching who?
in markets run amuk
Who's working who?
in this giant machine
producing miniature examples
of the same machine,
to colonize what it finds
with examples of itself:)

A machine replicated to nano-length
extracting money, power, respect
till one day we can send
someone to the galactic core...
It's expensive, you know,
checking one's galactic e-mail.

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