Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Devils and the Saints

The devil will convince
1. they don't exist

2. that YOU'RE paranoid,
or you're unhinged,
when in fact we're wild things
being domesticated
and experimented upon

as a lab rat
to prove this or that
about long term effects
of neuroleptic medication.
through the strong arm
of the saints

While the watchers wait.

We would cure ourselves
of the emotional condition
All the napoleonic complexes
and Joan of Arcs talking to God
We would cure ambition
for I am not an unwilling
in the grip of a narrative,
remember to have mercy.
Call me up,
I'll discuss this idea

in trying to cure
the mentally ill...

and left uncontrolled
is our Jedi tendency
to feel a disturbance
or love in a worlds
But it takes choice

For it is a choice
to be happy, unless
one is clinically depressed

For what would happen,
if life threatened,
we were reliving
an amusement park.
So we focus
on the weakest links
of the Good, the Bad,
and the Ugly

And paranoia is a thought
or it is an emotion?
In fact is it a want
residing somewhere
in consciousness,
a knowing we are
people of interest
like a radio,
by society at large
all those eyes turned torwards.

We do have our ourselves
but simply
we know not what we can't see
of a brave new world.
We simply do not know

as I do not know
who the devil is
or I don't want to believe
there is a damn thing
I can do to find out

If I had to guess
the devil is like
the illuminati
The saints are
creators of DSM-V
the watchers
are Mobb Deep

such a mess
this market
this nature
this industry
this humanity

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