Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Something Blue and Something Remembered

Jon Butler Trio used to get high for a living
flying, crying, lying, crawling in an underground
ice palace just trying to get buy

But where's the life
in the Height
of the beasts mind
worming through mountains
like copper ore, crude
Rude boy, what cha doing?

Where's life without light?
Deep under oceans, suckling vents
smoke stacks and master plans
of only building up, like
under the sign of sulfur oxide
with the worms out of harm's way
till they decide to mine your life
using your ideas, in mining plays

Progress comes to all
it would seem, and always kills
when it feeds... others

From roads to headlights
coal ash to tarpits
concrete factories
upcycle maybe?
redesign, renew, regenerate

Take that dead thing
that Frankenstein creation
and let it save the world, somehow

Design the Frankenstein
and let it feed the world

A nut here
a toenail
a flow of joe
upcycled, into you know
something lasting
that'll fight off demons
and win you victory over
the enslavement of
crime, poverty, or ignorance.

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