Monday, January 26, 2015

Inna Sense

Ages come and Pass
through seasons lasting
as Farmers sow and plant
we burn oil, changing planets.

We put carbon in the air,
why would nothing grow?
We put carbon in Earth
and everything changes.
For it is the skeleton
in all life of carbon cycles,
but don't forget the silicon cycles.

Domains of chaos ensue,
when that stability is uprooted.
And all life is chaos
especially in Syria,
where fire burns their collapsing house.
And Obama wants to bomb it?
to put out the fires' eerie savagery
While people yet live inside trying
to quench wars conflagration.
God forbid nudists protest wallstreet.

But water is scarce
and food getting scarcer

And because a government didn't support its people in Syria
but instead treated them like criminals
when things went bad from possible climatic change

due to bloodless corporations.

May we plant perennial peace,
perennial grains, perennial trees
to feed electric machines
as well as bellies.
It will grow soil,
and take less water
when our fields dry.
But then again there's money in
Annual wars to strip InnaSense.

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