Friday, January 30, 2015

No Man Is An Island

Unbelievable people butt in
Like man is an island
With no one to thank but God
For the very root of being

When every day wheels wheel,Birds Sing
and Deer die to feed you and me
And a poet bleeds

Everyday a man or woman is praying for peace
A monk is meditating for peace and love
And a squirrel is nutty over love and understanding

But who bleeds for the poet,
Who is thankful for their carpet,
Why does the sun shine for all...
When little is as it appears

What keeps them warm
When lost but their own insanity
In this crazy mixed up can of nuts

Not the snake that tempted Eve
But practically everything and everyone else
In all of time and all of space through the lives lived
And the small deaths each night we each pass through in dreamtime

With God and each other

In a world blessed...
BY God and each other.
So thank your brotherman and sister
Thank your mom and aunt
Hell, thank your dog.

For if we were lost on an island each to a man ourself,
It truly would be our insanity that kept us warm.
But alack, we are our Mom, our Dad, our Brother, or Sister
We borrow from our friends and live in second-skins so we fit in.
Who don't we have to thank, except the haters and players
And backbiters and liars and thankless jerks.
We'll make a good world despite all that
And we'll have each other to thank
Both over horizon and from sea to shining sea.
For this land is my land, and this land is your land.

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