Monday, January 19, 2015

Soul's Endeavor

The stars, so succinctly distinct
Gleaming like rays of dayshine, so Gold
So cold like sludgy snow
But brighter than a squirrel
While much more immaterial
Than that Bedouin of the Cedar and Pine bough
The Aspen, the Ash, the Hackberry, the Oak

The spirit ascendant would aspire to a point
In both Space and Time, but also life
For life, too, streams through valley and vale
Life, too, curves around obstacle and carves out floodplain
As stars curve around and carve out empty Heliospheres.
What it knows is next to nothingness.
To that the squirrel has the advantage
With his pine nuts and acorns
So he too may glow with an inner warmth.

We too come as stars to squirrel
We might feed them stuff we grow
Or make them a fine and empty house to winter in.
And we wend our way through the universe at 200 km/s
As that is what our star is traveling
And we with it as we shelter within heliopause.

The hard reality of traveling that fast seems immaterial
A spirited factoid of a Sun spiriting us along with.
And where our lives cross with others, we nest there,
In the material heart surrounded by the spirit of stars
Living day by day, looking out for danger, and foraging constantly
So we have some cash at days end when we're cold and hungry.

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