Sunday, January 4, 2015


On a day of atonement
I know I'm unforgiven
But it isn't what I did
Or what I didn't do
Or failed to amend
Or failed to live up to
Or was beyond reproach
Or had the authority to do
Or encouraged someone else to follow through
Or help someone in thinking about
Or spell out to someone
Or what I bought off amazon
Or what I sold on ebay
Or gossiped about
Or if I did what I needed to, to survive
Or if I listen to the right music
Or I eat the right food
Or have the right friends
Or drink the finest juice
Or have the funnest parties
Or drive the fanciest cars
Or buy from the proper markets
Or whether it was a want or need

It is about admitting to myself
perhaps before God or simply me...

I am human, and I should try anew
To do my best.
Both for me and/or my family.

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