Friday, January 30, 2015

Dislike For The Absurd

Modern Life is complicated
The more I actually do
Seems to accomplish less

Like as in knowing
I've learned: how to nail two boards together
Grind off a speaker magnet and make a screw fisher
Keep my cats fed and happy
Or even write a poem
But houses do not get built
Or checkbooks get lost
Or cats beg for treats
Or people's minds remain isolated
And enigmatic and distant

I can't grind that bean.
Every morning I wake up and hammer dust
And let it soak in cold water
To drink in the sights and sounds
Over a steaming cup of rocks,
Separate from the reality of flight and Stardust cars
Separate from hearty breakfast and energized cities.

There is no trickledown, there is no bleedover
There's no fisher king, or awakening, or fifth element
Just the wind, snow, sentinels, and occasional animal, plant, or mineral
That knows not any hot-tub and cold-beer next to the remote control
That doesn't know silence imploded a long time ago and does not serve
That knows not companionship or love.
The world is indifferent and we think that absurd
At the same time in awe for what that can accomplish
While jealous of those that become mountains and hills themselves
    of vanity and hubris in their lives, buried in our same graveyards.
But we would all share in grace and peace as we wend our way onward
                                                                              through space and time,
A force known to ourselves as a reckoning with communities of love and understanding.

But I don't live there,
Daily I eat and drink canned water and partially stale food
On the morning after with midnight ticking closer and closer
To the smashed rocks and cracked nations splintered from illusions of sanity.
This is not the end of the world, but you can see the greed and jealousy for it from here.

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