Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Marriage of Counsel

Men and Women are really Men and Women
Who you are is not granted
Lest you build your house upon the sands
Of other people Judgements, Opinions, Or Thoughts

who I am...
    is not your label
in Judgement, or Opinion, or Thought
meaning, what you see or hear or touch or taste or think is hardly me
For I am all that, but to you there is no synergy

Often I am judged by my behavior and who isn't
Sometimes people have opinions on what I witnessed
Occasionally everyone thinks about my thoughts
For I am not like them, and I am not unlike you

    ...but I am...

I am an amalgamation with mentithesis in synergy
I am a syncopated polyrhythm
I am a manifold meeting between the opposites

And, in a way you are, too
But you see me with fractured mind as I dance or weave
Or box or fright my way into maturity, depending
On who you view in both first impression or what day I'm having.
Even sometimes in deep reflect you get lost, why wouldn't you.
And, in a way I view you thusly, too

It's true! You are the marriage between less than and more
Where as I am the mate of my own destiny's lore
Both matee and mate with best in store
But not as two, or fractured poor

I am me, and haven't been other
My own teacher or friend or brother
I am me, on any given day
An American, A graduate, a hayseed at play

And when I grow up, my brain?
Will be both mazed and direct
When I take all in the game!!!

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