Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Corner in a Leaf

I quit smoking for four days
Wasn't really hard or stressful
Just have nothing else to do
I can't say, or do, or be anybody where I am
And without cigarettes I had to think about that
I felt a hell of a lot better
Think tomorrow I'll get patches.
But still, I wonder...
What is it I'm doing with my life
If I can't dance
And I can't jump
Or mix it up
Or find a love
Or watch the dove

Just some birds chirruping
Crickets in the song
And a plant or two silent, still
Quietly bearing witness everything is accomplished
By doing absolutely nothing

The rain continues to threaten
I want less, And expect nothing
But somehow promise finds me
And tells me I'm the one.
Lifts me up, makes me have fun
And I smile with surprises smooching me.
Thanks be
            to God.
And Thanks to you!

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