Thursday, May 7, 2015

You Know, You Don't Stopping It

Can I be a King?
Can I see the horizon of Green?
When I dive, dip, or swim...
What eddies stir up riches?
What ocean floats my desire?
What folk rejoice I'm Liar?

For I'd have to hide the truth,
Or make them laugh when telling them.
Because anyone rich, and I don't mean middle class
Got back forty and big garage.
I mean like police sucking, sulking, protection.
I mean... I mean... where pushing buttons is done for you
A place that instead of feeding off you, Only ever is sculpture
Something formed to cradle soaring spirits.

Because anyone rich Would have to lie to get that,
Oh that they don't care...
That someone is cold,
A kid is hungry,
That life is sold.
They do care for they are human and have addresses.

It's just that shit happens.
And the people in their life are petty...
Making hearts made cold by coin, harder.
Making minds found folded by loins, shorter.

And I? I weep,
because Worlds don't need more successful people...
Yet that is exactly What I want! from sheer boredom and loneliness.

And the internet cries with a cardboard letter?
"Please, anything will help!"
And so you turn to yourself, and in turn lie to you...
Saying instead of what is indemic and institutionalized poverty
Criminality, blame the victim, stigmatic opinion of sin and illness
All the While quoting bible passages with its you not me pointard.

But that Lie... something is better than nothing:(
When what is wasted does not, is not accounted, IN

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