Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Words From Worlds Beyond you

Time is the reference
Or geology is, perhaps this is just an excuse
Where geography is the frame, or maybe not
It’s Climate that’s the independent variable, but it’s human caused
So really we have nature and nurture for our Ecology
But wait, isn’t that my cat meditating?

In all of this, isn’t we
a misnomer
For we are brains naming our selves
We are starstuff in awe of past lives and present reality
In point of fact, I am a social collective of a billion cells, And 5 billion germs!
That Can’t Be Forced To Share!  and/or… That Can’t Be Forced To Love!

I in fact love this poem
Because it, too, is a frame of reference
As you are in it.  I can see you downriver somewhere
Thinking, he wrote this how?
But I know, that one day this will find you, too
And this will be no frame of reference, because it’s poetry to you.
From somebody forgotten to you.
And so it is about you.
Sad, you are your frame of reference.

Reach OUT!  Get HELP!!

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