Sunday, November 15, 2015

If Sabbath Were Observing Natural Activity I Would Feel Closer to You

Floating Algae, all pelagic and like…
I wonder about the tree in Fall carpeting Ground
I wonder about trees in general and their seed
Many of which are nestled in braces of needles around the down
And wet, they must..
They must sprout…
And wet They must sprout tall…

But the yard kills them, the shade stunts
The grass no, for that is mulched
The wet preserved
The roots watered
And slowly in spring the sprouting is maybe taller

But no! the wind spreads ye might cedar tree in bare Earth
Downwind is the nursery, upwind is our children
Downtime is their soil, uptime is our education
Downtown is their business, Uptown is our dream
And if you be reading this next after an Aloha,

I would just say, everybody I met be like that, except the poor
(but we are poor) even the middle class, which is but one nice car
and mortgage, and paycheck that separates and maybe rugrat on floor
We have bills paid, and plant upstream
And like trout, would die for our children
But unlike them, unlike trout, I do not always hide
I’m usually out and about standing exactly where I’m seen.

Which brings me powerful reasons to abide the times
Hide amongst back-biters and judgmental wives
Listen to the plotters and magnetometers
And commune with the Earth

For in daily observation(normal if there ever was such a thing)
resides principles of success
And there is, one for every creature sometimes multiplex
Crawling or breathing or swimming for shore

Be Fox, be Super, be wolf with war inside, or turtle with shell into hide
But learn, laugh, love, and live ‘cause no-one’s gonna for you
It’s what you’ll do anyway, but all four in balance will give me exactly what I need.
But I would add observe, as in that yucky, “observe the sabbath”
For if there is one God, he doesn’t need money and he is Everywhere! success is to be found

Those principles, your principle… your intuition, too, as tree or squirrel might have instinct.
Love tells you, connections in life are everywhere.

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