Thursday, November 12, 2015

Survival Through Wireless

Today our bridge is replaced
Before that, roads were paved
Last century Ford birthed racing
And before, Steam powered everything
Through Science Technology Engineering Arts Math

Most everything is powered by Steam
As some re-engineer our power to regenerate
Most everybody travels bridges
As some re-think our oil in strategy
Most computers connect to internets
As some re-legate our intel by o.s.

It is new to think of aging trans-atlantic
Or ocular degradation on fiber optic lines
In a way, really this day, we've paved in-roads
put nature in one bowl by museum curator
With many people sleeping on beds more comfortable than TutenKahmin's
We had no idea in 1979,
That people would have to wait on Videos
Because there's only one server running and the others are getting new skyLakes.

Don't pay ANY attention to me.
But likely wireless only will survive
Simpler, smaller, warmer, and eat very little
Like we re-engineered that generator
Like we re-thought our consumption
Like we re-legated our tuxes

What Caring Town even generates it's own electricity?
What Star Android user actually edits his own kernel?
What Liche Swan ever gets mitigated before remediation?
Whatever decimating that kills one in ten before catastrophe
Likely it will be our poor memory of how to repair things.
"We don't know," will be favorite phrase repeated like any dinosaurs complaint of hangry.
Passion, Logic, Redundancy, Business.
                  These are the elements of the stars.
                  And the stars of trekking future bridged roads.

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