Friday, November 27, 2015

In King Arthur's Courtyard, a curious thing happened...

They say 1% of humans are angels
1% of Earth and Sky rule heaven
Little Russia tops out at three percent
U.S.A. a little over One and Middle East sprawls One
From 200 million square miles orbiting the sun
And in that whole world people are laughing and crying
Fighting and dying over seedy completion of pipe dreams,

the world pivots not on this axis, but pivots on spirit realer

More material and stronger than might making right.
Even the angels sing days of fusion between grace and peace
Like pure light nestled quietly in one box smuggled from Egypt...
Comfortably, but pursued for destruction by Slavers and Rulers.

Now somehow we've got secret power
But it is suggested it is only destructive bombs we hold in.
Fusion power in Hydrogen is all they really know
What's untold is molding this dream
  and the dream of every person
    who's wished to travel amongst stars
       from any round table or corner of the globule we call home.

This tiny planet cast in darkness half the time
Where might makes right, day and night
As we fight over energy densities
While the only justice we've been served for quite some time is through Science
Science of thought, Science of Mind, Science of space, Science of time
The method is unpacked industry through mysteries of intuition, obviously.
For it is both creative and destructive, like Fusion.
And with Fusion we can travel faster than light striking solar array
As with Science we traveled faster than one tick in a tocking clock.

It's the devils work we are alive,
But we're God's children to strive to be our best selves.

Our fight is our fusion
Our hope is our dream
Our Love is our Life
Our Cope is our peace

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