Sunday, November 15, 2015

Normal Is a setting of Font Type

The more one feeds into business, the more the devil buys your soul.
I dealy success, makes one successful. But look at our epitome of one business man
The Man himself, Trump!
Whom stands for one racisist agenda.
Another cheap creep in asking me.

We’re already successful, with roof and heat and refrigerator and paycheck
Dry blankets and loving family, maybe, too that stays in contact

Worlds don’t need more successful people…
Needs more poets, dreamers, thinkers, makers, painters…
Needs more smiles, hopes, hugs, laughs, love…
Needs a little more of you and a little more of me

People and their work are what give value in this world

People and their love are what give meaning…

Without that, politicians are completely useless
And lawyers, a wolf
and toads, still toads… but they be croaking

Meanwhile, frog-legs for dinner, come by
We’ll grill them with butter

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