Friday, November 27, 2015

In King Arthur's Courtyard, a curious thing happened...

They say 1% of humans are angels
1% of Earth and Sky rule heaven
Little Russia tops out at three percent
U.S.A. a little over One and Middle East sprawls One
From 200 million square miles orbiting the sun
And in that whole world people are laughing and crying
Fighting and dying over seedy completion of pipe dreams,

the world pivots not on this axis, but pivots on spirit realer

More material and stronger than might making right.
Even the angels sing days of fusion between grace and peace
Like pure light nestled quietly in one box smuggled from Egypt...
Comfortably, but pursued for destruction by Slavers and Rulers.

Now somehow we've got secret power
But it is suggested it is only destructive bombs we hold in.
Fusion power in Hydrogen is all they really know
What's untold is molding this dream
  and the dream of every person
    who's wished to travel amongst stars
       from any round table or corner of the globule we call home.

This tiny planet cast in darkness half the time
Where might makes right, day and night
As we fight over energy densities
While the only justice we've been served for quite some time is through Science
Science of thought, Science of Mind, Science of space, Science of time
The method is unpacked industry through mysteries of intuition, obviously.
For it is both creative and destructive, like Fusion.
And with Fusion we can travel faster than light striking solar array
As with Science we traveled faster than one tick in a tocking clock.

It's the devils work we are alive,
But we're God's children to strive to be our best selves.

Our fight is our fusion
Our hope is our dream
Our Love is our Life
Our Cope is our peace

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

In Supposition and Deposition I Seek to Be Me

My intuitions are right
They’re right because they ARE simple,
  and they’re right because what gets tied in is the real world.

Vaulted complexity makes mayhem through speculation
And speculative fiction is just that, set up for pipe-dream
It's not inutition, we debase ourselves with this slippery-slopes

thinking instinct controls dog smelling porcupine
Attacking it in the speculative fiction Dog will succeed
but finding it, seeing, smelling, barking, "come look, quick!"
Ah, there is intuition

thinking instinct leads dog to dodge rock, meander through weeds
grapple dirt, bound and run forward toward bunny or that smelly thing
Knowing, "game", chasing metaphysical plot, "ah, this feels on!"
Ah, there is intuition

And doesn't it tell you, "You are part of something bigger."
Intuition sees this
Religion speculates, but spirit tells you true, "man, what a load of crap"
But then someone comes along, and tells you thank You.
... as perhaps their pulling said quills out of nose...
As perhaps they're licking you for bringing home bacon
As perhaps they visit your solitude for brief smile and companionship.
My intuition is real because they are simple
    And because through listening, they are tied to the real world

As in the old adage, "still waters silently eddie to the dance of music in your heart"
You don't have to believe, or make it... but sit quietly and listen to sense the world.
And that will tell you, you do know something about the intelligence that saw the quark soup.

Perhaps you can talk yourself out of seeing this
I know I could probably, might even be a need or want
But the metaphor made it real, and one's intuition heard it

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Normal Is a setting of Font Type

The more one feeds into business, the more the devil buys your soul.
I dealy success, makes one successful. But look at our epitome of one business man
The Man himself, Trump!
Whom stands for one racisist agenda.
Another cheap creep in asking me.

We’re already successful, with roof and heat and refrigerator and paycheck
Dry blankets and loving family, maybe, too that stays in contact

Worlds don’t need more successful people…
Needs more poets, dreamers, thinkers, makers, painters…
Needs more smiles, hopes, hugs, laughs, love…
Needs a little more of you and a little more of me

People and their work are what give value in this world

People and their love are what give meaning…

Without that, politicians are completely useless
And lawyers, a wolf
and toads, still toads… but they be croaking

Meanwhile, frog-legs for dinner, come by
We’ll grill them with butter

If Sabbath Were Observing Natural Activity I Would Feel Closer to You

Floating Algae, all pelagic and like…
I wonder about the tree in Fall carpeting Ground
I wonder about trees in general and their seed
Many of which are nestled in braces of needles around the down
And wet, they must..
They must sprout…
And wet They must sprout tall…

But the yard kills them, the shade stunts
The grass no, for that is mulched
The wet preserved
The roots watered
And slowly in spring the sprouting is maybe taller

But no! the wind spreads ye might cedar tree in bare Earth
Downwind is the nursery, upwind is our children
Downtime is their soil, uptime is our education
Downtown is their business, Uptown is our dream
And if you be reading this next after an Aloha,

I would just say, everybody I met be like that, except the poor
(but we are poor) even the middle class, which is but one nice car
and mortgage, and paycheck that separates and maybe rugrat on floor
We have bills paid, and plant upstream
And like trout, would die for our children
But unlike them, unlike trout, I do not always hide
I’m usually out and about standing exactly where I’m seen.

Which brings me powerful reasons to abide the times
Hide amongst back-biters and judgmental wives
Listen to the plotters and magnetometers
And commune with the Earth

For in daily observation(normal if there ever was such a thing)
resides principles of success
And there is, one for every creature sometimes multiplex
Crawling or breathing or swimming for shore

Be Fox, be Super, be wolf with war inside, or turtle with shell into hide
But learn, laugh, love, and live ‘cause no-one’s gonna for you
It’s what you’ll do anyway, but all four in balance will give me exactly what I need.
But I would add observe, as in that yucky, “observe the sabbath”
For if there is one God, he doesn’t need money and he is Everywhere! success is to be found

Those principles, your principle… your intuition, too, as tree or squirrel might have instinct.
Love tells you, connections in life are everywhere.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Survival Through Wireless

Today our bridge is replaced
Before that, roads were paved
Last century Ford birthed racing
And before, Steam powered everything
Through Science Technology Engineering Arts Math

Most everything is powered by Steam
As some re-engineer our power to regenerate
Most everybody travels bridges
As some re-think our oil in strategy
Most computers connect to internets
As some re-legate our intel by o.s.

It is new to think of aging trans-atlantic
Or ocular degradation on fiber optic lines
In a way, really this day, we've paved in-roads
put nature in one bowl by museum curator
With many people sleeping on beds more comfortable than TutenKahmin's
We had no idea in 1979,
That people would have to wait on Videos
Because there's only one server running and the others are getting new skyLakes.

Don't pay ANY attention to me.
But likely wireless only will survive
Simpler, smaller, warmer, and eat very little
Like we re-engineered that generator
Like we re-thought our consumption
Like we re-legated our tuxes

What Caring Town even generates it's own electricity?
What Star Android user actually edits his own kernel?
What Liche Swan ever gets mitigated before remediation?
Whatever decimating that kills one in ten before catastrophe
Likely it will be our poor memory of how to repair things.
"We don't know," will be favorite phrase repeated like any dinosaurs complaint of hangry.
Passion, Logic, Redundancy, Business.
                  These are the elements of the stars.
                  And the stars of trekking future bridged roads.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

If but Mere Shepard were to be King, If I mere Victor, Were to Share Thing, If mere Masons were to Sing, I, myself, might laugh at your stupid joke.

It's 6:33
And my brother doesn't care if he's poet or not anymore...
Don't care if he may be kingly or ish
His thing if it is, technology and New Worlds

Don't see the thing that brings fox and love
The greed of heart which does corrupt
For true to blue his meaning and my meaning
Are but toys, to push through passing moment... BUT TO ENGAGE

To set the flight
Might see plight... in tree... fungus... light... water... strength...
..........strength...................................that curious thing...
to be flexible or rigid or relative persistence or utility or adventure or exploration or fun
There, that is the world King David wrote psalms

Here is the small flicker family would blow upon
I am the faint light drowned by daylight
Where is magic
I'm blind to it
For my life is wrapped up in seeking marriage
     When I know it will probably destroy me like trap

tHe magic is in the model and in the crown
do you meditate still?  I will show you after closed eyes
do you drink still?  I will show you in sexy after glow
do you pet still?  I will show you in contemplation
do you work still?  I will show you in satori
do you see still... I will show you in light, or feeling, or taste, touch, or smell

I liken it to feeling, that six-sense of smell in old world hotel
the cold marble and tile and aftertaste of brew pub with key in hand, knowing...
You could die a small death tonight and gotten everything you wanted
But the facts w/ belie you won't, aren't, don't, ain't going to, too, making it all the sweeter

No, you'll sit down your ass and write poem
And in writing that poem you'll juggle to kings amusement
All 1 billion kings of your soul with smile, with love
At the motion, and coordination, and force with which one flings
And catches and sends and latches and passes and stashes for second
One ball to pass back to other hand which lacks colored ball falling or passed up as...

modeled magic



collectives of small neurons somewhere very busy and very creating space and time
for us to build room for more shelter of our lives
to appreciate and explore in trying to be our best selves.

But it isn't juggling
It isn't even entertainment
It's a lot of sitting and tossing around ideas to extend metaphor while using one's expressive voice.
It is light, it is despair...
It is the bread of our lair, and but drink or maiden fair for fun and wit and for share.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Fox Inside

I didn't ask to be this flawed yet perfect person
I tried to love myself by exploring
I met many strange and wonderful people
And I dream a dream strange and wonderful when I love myself
The rest of the time is vacuuming dirt, is staring at clouds
Different smells and visages sneak up, and other times assault
Differences in normal things revolutionize my mind, but that's not trip
The weird is still weird, the mundane.. mundane, as I hunt for an escape...

And I am not alone

The social, the physical do have basic rewards
The spiritual, the emotional do have real affects
The mental does move things, material... when multiplexural worlds meet!
And in giving many things is resiliency,
                                one path out from what's keeping us down

The turtle has but one or two to survive through adversity...
                withdraw and/or hide
Beyond that horizon are foxes whom ply many resiliencies to survive...
                the two foxes inside and without
                        Their woolvy paws can walk fast or slow,
                        far drawing-near,
                        to find food and/or more people like themselves
                Their noses keep them fed as their mouths detect surroundings
                        for what's to be found, what's to be called.
                Their fur too is their home they find defense in like turtle
                They too can be shy and hide quieter than sitting fiver
                Foxes have two eyes that shine, two ears residing lively finely tuned
                Mates and Friends and Bosses, and likely lovers, too
                They're mean, they're friendly, they like to pant a lot in hot sun
                (another resiliency to keep cool)
                         for they too find ways to deal with life when they don't like
And Beyond that _Supers_ walk and do more with formal resiliency through fact-checked strategy
                Their strange takes time to be weird
                Their wonderful.. works like magic.
                They too find things to do when down and frowning,
                And they do get down.  More than you know...

     Many turtles lead perfectly good, long lives.
     Some foxes lead groups of peace, compassion, and understanding.
     A Few Supers make worlds better for everyone.
All made possible by resiliency and the out-it-provides to survive