Saturday, July 12, 2014

3 Times My Mind, 4 Times My Soul

Which part where, I scratch my head
My Health here, My Wealth there
And should I apply my ingenuity?
Where does my accepted acceptance accept.
Ah yes, rearranged into tetrahedron
I must start anew, else it's all about you

Tetra fish begin to swim
I'll call that one Quora and this one Tron
And this third one is me as well.
Left confused if fused being is no longer measurable
Why and How are all three really the same.
Ah, then its just back to basics:
Oh, the Humanity!
Oh, the Industry!
Oh, the Markets!
Oh, yes, it's completely Natural
100 percent recyclable... inert and most common
Be our rock, Mr. Silicon Dioxide

Like lock, stock, and barrel
We unlock our doing for solar power
We herd our witness for peaceful lives
We fill our thoughts with propane
      Why by Jove, It's the Biggest Gass
              One can grow, while orbiting the Sol
And inside is this triumvirate which ended poorly
While the world squares it's love of simplicity.

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