Saturday, July 12, 2014

If Useless Wonder Were to Visit

I am the son of a step-child myself an orphan of the world.
It matters not that much he, my Grandfather, lost his farm
As my Dad lost a father, as I lost a living in subsequent transubstantiation
We already know history repeats itself, as life repeats itself
Both in manner and in form
A square house has square rooms with square T.V.'s

The birds are of a tree upon a mountain.
And each has a stream of flowing and connecting
Them and you to life, learning, laughter, and love
Together so strong one might think a mountain grows
Or a tree brushes wings against the wind
Or a mere chickadee sighs like a giant in the silence of winter's crushing slumber
     But to see that in a mountain's feathered bough silently crying in winter
          A wilted rain of survival.
But to see that connection of repetition of space as well as history.

Exhibit  V displays we have four fingers on four arm-like fingers
And life would be a game of seek and eat if our heads weren't as useful
As our thumbs.
While at the same time, if our heads didn't find or create meaning and purpose
We might lose opposition to all our hopes and dreams as well as the hope
We might grasp what we need.

For useful and useless as it is, I continue to swim in an ocean of air, flying nowhere
While Earth itself will drip into the next vector of empty and useless outerspace.
Our lives. learning. laughter. and love, when together
Enough to use head and thumb to better our lives,
Useless and wonderful as it may seem sometimes.

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