Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wild Growing III

What wild nutrition in the bazaar.
We watch like hawks while buyers chase the butterfly
Through the cobblestone plaza
Knocking over lemons, t.v.'s, and a great many things
One could actually take home and feed on.

Will then the carcass of the thing fill a bin or shed
Shoved into closet, garage, away in a pile of bones
Long gnawed by the rats and mice and remembered only
By the cats whom occasionally come visit from outside.

In the bazaar there is a great many thing to see & hear, too.
People shouting, people playing, and puppet masters
Babysitting kids while parents take turns in fortune teller tents.
And all the gadgets and doohickies, lemons and t.v.'s move to stand
On head & hearts agreement of our hunger.
But we are always hungry, and we must think of something
Because life is too short, and even shorter without bread & water.

And having long known that
     keep ourselves as pets
             and keep our pets as kings and queens
For we would live life as nobly as possible.

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