Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wild Growing I

What a wild competition in the flower garden
      finite time, finite space
      finite sunshine, till winter's grace
But a robin lands to seek among the lawn's battlefield
For piecemeal peace in early day
While trees race us for the stars embrace
Where we below the mighty pines blowing
Are grateful for shade while jumping to space
Out our infinite brevity in the eyes of mountainous gaze.

I know not what we touch more than a second.
Perhaps our hearts, perhaps our minds, perhaps our smiles
But whatever bird this crosses with whatever butterfly
Let it be a goodly one that rests waiting for your eye
And may it be dear to heart,
For the world is not for men or women, much anymore
But big beasts growl and and eat constantly in city streets
And even bigger trees than those one can climb in a resewn blanket of the sun.

Let us instead, grip again
     the daisy bending and smiling towards us while holding hands.

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